MEME DESIGN is the brainchild of three founders, Cinzia, Enrico and Michele to create something new and unusual, where creativity and Italian craftsmanship can become the protagonist in total harmony with the current housing needs.

By combining the skills of each, the projects take shape, design products with a predisposition towards experimentation with new forms, new uses and color possibilities also alternatives. The products therefore have playful forms but elegant, with vivid colors.

The newly formed company takes its name from a new science, memetics, which studies the transmission of ideas in society. The idea is to consider a primordial material from distant sources such as metal, like a ductile material and noble, thereby turning a rigid concept of this material in a creative idea closer to reality.

The production is completely MADE IN ITALY, indicating the high manufacturing of its products.

In addition to this, however, MEME DESIGN want to give a configuration of business excellence, which is based on the principles of solidarity with their users, open to dialogue with its customers, with a large international spirit. Then a company that embraces the challenge of these times with courage and tenacity, passion and (why not?) ambition.